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Frequently Asked

  1. What kind of road traffic accident qualifies to be an M.V.A. FUND claim?

    • One caused by the negligence of a motorist – who could be your driver or another driver
    • One that occurred within the road network of Swaziland
    • One reported to MVA FUND within two years form the date of accident (except for persons under legal disability)
  2. How should I report an accident to M.V.A. FUND for purposes of claiming or how do I lodge a claim with M.V.A. FUND?

    You bring a police report of the accident in question, and you will be assisted to fill the claim form and advised of the supporting documents.

  3. What forms of compensation can I expect from MVA FUND ?

    • Compensation for personal injury (if you were injured or your child was injured)
    • Compensation for funeral expenses (if you incurred costs burying a deceased relative)
    • Compensation for loss of support (if you have been deprived of maintenance as a lawful dependant of the deceased)
  4. What can I do if the two-year period lapse before I lodge a claim ?

    You submit a written application requesting the Fund to exercise its discretionary powers and waive the prescription period in your favour and state reasons underlying your failure to submit the claim within the stipulated period (it may be necessary to attach to this application the police report, a copy of your Identity Card, copies of hospital records, etc.)

  5. Once I have submitted my claim, what are the chances of being awarded E0.00 ?

    • When you were an ordinay passenger and expenses incidental to your injuries can not be proven eg: loss of income, medical expenses, etc
    • When you were an ordinary passenger and your driver, who happened to be at fault and caused the accident, is a member of your household eg: your parent, your sibling or your child
    • When you were injured within the scope of your employment and your award from the Labour Department amounted to E25000.00 or more (it is imperative to note here that the MVA FUND is barred from making any offer/award unless compensation from the Labour Department has first been made)
  6. When can the FUND repudiate my claim altogether?

    • When I happened to be entirely at fault in the occurrence of the accident
    • When I refuse to subject myself to medical examinations at the instance of the FUND as necessitated by the due assessment of my claim
    • When I refuse to cooperate with investigations necessitated by the due assessment of my claim
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